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The Screenplay TRAPPED

Having the knowledge and skillset that our team does has given us opportunities to work with others in developing their productions and seeing it to completion. We help in creating your screenplay, development, cinematography, and more. One such product that our team at BTC has been a part of included the original screenplay "TRAPPED." Below you will find a synopsis of this screenplay that we helped see to completion.


"Soon a two income family isn't enough. Bills go unpaid — appearances run down — work suffers — bosses take notice — tempers shorten — friendships disintegrate — dealers make a bundle, and the addict digs a deeper hole. Using realistic accounts and personal experience as a backdrop, the writer weaves an intricate, fictional storyline that is high paced, accurate in its portrayal of the use of "crack," and captivating in character and conflict.

"The audience pulls for Emily from the first moment of the film. They experience her agony as addition creeps up and "crack" takes hold of her life. We hold our breath as she flees dealers who need to dispose of her, and cheer when she eludes them."

"TRAPPED" — powerful in its depiction of the devastation of crack among white collar workers.

"TRAPPED" — educating the public through a captivating, intense story that slams the protagonist into the midst of a drug war and pushes her to the brink of disaster

"TRAPPED" — leaving hope for the addict wanting out of the trap — leaving vivid images for those wanting to avoid the snare.