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Teaching You To Manage Media

BTC offers various teaching programs that cover camera operation, field recording, and much more. Our programs all involve technical and operational aspects of broadcast, cablecast, headend, audio installation, and sound technology with an emphasis in professional quality results during pre- and post-production. In addition to these courses, Black Tie also covers the ins and outs of marketing and distribution of your productions.

Teaching Programs

The purpose of our teaching programs is to give individuals hands-on training and development in the areas of media management and to train people to restructure, repurpose, edit, and redirect media content. These training methods include video images, photo images, sound, animation, and other multimedia content for presentations, webcasts, or web-based television application platforms.

TV Equipment

TV Production Equipment

The curriculums for the programs we offer are entirely exposure-based with associated tasks also mirroring industry requirements. Class performance is rated according to finished product, and whether the mastery of content is on par with industry standards of performance. The teaching programs build the following skill sets:

• Constructing a Personal Vision
• Building, Understanding, and Utilizing Personal Marketing Skills
• Learning the Value Of Copyright Law
• Understanding Ownership Of Intellectual Property
• Use of Digital Imaging Equipment, Software, and Terminology
• Video Camera Operation
• Set Design and Lighting Audio Production and Field Recording
• Learning Basic Video Editing Skills
• Graphic Animation As Part Of Video Production
• How To Complete a Finished Production